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Love at first sight is the closest we can describe the feeling we had when we met. To be completely honest with you neither one of us believed it be possible to find such love in this broken world and understand anyone who feels the same way. Since we have met we have been sharing our story and reassuring singles, dating couples and married couples that a healthy, supportive and nurturing relationship between you and your person is not just possible it is a must for the well being of your life. 

We have combined all our passions and talents into one company SM INSPIRED LIFE LLC. Our company is made with a servants heart. An Inspired Life is one that God has placed into motion from the day you were all born. To live the best life ever is something we all want and aspire to have. Join us in this beautiful life God has given each of us to live and go get your INSPIRED LIFE!




Reality YouTube TV's features Sonny, Michelle, their teenage daughter with her bunny Prince Bun Bun. Their crazy, fun, and eventful lives is something else and to them it is "The Inspired Life." They put passion for helping others into action and continue to enjoy sharing their knowledge of, healthy food, fitness, fast cars and living a happy simple life with others.

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