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 Relationships Specialist

We are passionate about increasing knowledge and pleasure in relationships. We have both gone through our own challenges in lives we lived before each other and understand the needs of women and men. Seeing couples thrive, in enjoyable relationships, is our goal. Thanks to God answering prayers we have been blessed with a beautiful family and though struggles we have become stronger. Pre-order "Person of Your Soul" book coming soon! Listen to our podcast on all subjects related to a sexy & spicy relationship or have fun purchasing one of our relationship tees or mugs for your loved ones from our store. 

Modern Relationships

Single, dating or married Michelle & Sonny share the joy, pain, and rewards of life with and without someone and how to navigate the complexities of finding the right person. When finding the right person next is how to keep love alive. Laugh with them, cry with them and above all enjoy the fact you're not alone in your discovery of what makes a relationship successful. 

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Relationship coaching will show you how to be happy in a relationship again or how to build a healthy relationship in the first place. 


We seek to listen and understand what makes your situation unique. Then, we’ll share the mindset solutions that will equip you to overcome those obstacles, such as:

  • Gain clarity on competing desires

  • Identify the limiting beliefs that are holding you back and making you feel stuck

  • Quiet the unwanted mind chatter and master your thoughts

Most importantly, we will guide you to an empowered decision so you walk away with increased confidence and decisiveness.

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Relationship Is A Dance That Requires Both To Be Tuned To Each Other.

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