Easy and delicious pesto quesadillas made with avocados and soft almond cheese. A mouth watering combination of flavors for that I like to most every night in the summer because it's so light. Perfect for family meals and kids love it.

My mouth is watering just looking at this picture and writing this out to you. I use almond flour tortilla which are full of protein and almond cheese which is also high in protein.

I normally make my own pesto but this is store bought from whole foods and so delicious it works great to make this a really fast and easy dinner.

The top image is of the tortillas I use and the bottom image is the almond mozzarella that taste amazing and melts really well.

Any tortilla or cheese will do but these are so high in protein and I like having a dairy free diet mostly that I choose to find milk that is from nuts or coconut than animal milk.

Step 1

I place my tortillas normally on a baking pan and line up 3 in a row on top and bottom making 6 at a time. I cook them on broil so it doesn't take but about 2 minutes before they are ready to pull out and eat.

Step 2

With a spoon put about a Tablespoon of pesto on the tortilla and spread it around the shell. Then add your chicken or protein of your choice.

Step 3

Add cheese and this is where I add my almond cheese which makes a good change from milk cheese for those who want to try to get away from animal milk.

Step 4

Add avocado slices to give it a creamy texture when you bite into it.

Step 5

Place all tortillas on a baking sheet into the oven. Watch them carefully as they may be ready in just a few minutes.

After a few minutes they are ready. The cheese won't look melted if you are using this almond cheese but once you fold them in half the cheese will smear as if it melted like regular cheese. I served them folded I half and everyone can hardly wait to eat them.

Yummy they cool pretty quick and are ready to eat almost as soon as you serve them on the plates.

Enjoy your meal it's going to be amazing!