This is so easy for on the go meals. I use this everyday when I am working outside the home. The key is what ingredients to add first and last so it saves longer and the greens are nice and crisp.

STEP 1: Add any wet ingredients first such as dressing or olive oil and vinegar. My favorite is to add the olive oil and vinegar myself and a few spices to really make it tasty.

STEP 2: Add any of your grains such a quinoa first with any proteins I might want to add such as chicken or tofu. This step helps keep your vegetables dry and crunchy.

STEP 3: I add my tomatoes, cucumbers, and any other delicious vegetables I want in my salad that day.

STEP 4: I place my greens, kale, lettuce or a spring mix and then add the last touches or nuts, raisins, and almond cheese to finalize this so yummy salad.

You can do one of two things. You can bring a bowl with you and a fork to dump your salad in for lunch or you can take your fork and mix up your jar salad right at work and eat it out of the jar. You choose. THERE IS NO RIGHT WAY to eat this.

Me I eat it out of the jar but I also don't bring napkins and lick my fingers so who knows if I am just a rebel or if it's a good idea. HAHA

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